Liquid Staking. Fully Decentralised.

Case Study


The Byrn protocol was designed to be fully decentralised and used as a tool for DeFi users to auto-compounds rewards given by third-party yield farms. Your tokens will be deposited on the third-party farm in a non-custodial manner allowing a seamless and straightforward way to access the best liquidity providers out there.

Product Overview

In realising the importance of achieving a decentralised ecosystem, the Byrn team has designed a series of products which are used to generate yield over time. With the rise of new and innovative Proof of Stake networks, our team realised the importance of maintaining accessibility in spite of regulatory restrictions.

Our initial prototype includes a decentralised network layer of products that allow users to access on-chain information whilst maintaining a fully functional DeFi layer.

Non-Custodial DApps

Liquid Staking derivatives which are designed to reward users with a steady stream of earnings. Choose from a wide range of wallet applications including Metamask, Coinbase and WalletConnect.

Decentralised Gaming and Prediction Markets

A simple and intuitive platform for accessing the most exciting games on the planet. Be the house and earn a share of the profits.

Roadmap 1.0

Our initial version will include a substantial number of DeFi vaults from verified third-parties. These will primarily be non-custodial traditional staking products but also includes a number of lending and options vaults.

Additionally, users will be able to access a number of chains including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Optimism and lots more. With our first iteration, the

Security and Audit

Understanding the limits of DeFi is of the utmost importance with smart contract security audits one of the most likely security risks. We have taken steps to both ensure our vaults are audited but to also

Byrn 2.0

Once our initial prototype is up and running, our future roadmap will include a mobile application for fully decentralised on/off ramping in addition to hyper decentralised finance.

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