A Mobile App designed for cross-chain yield optimising

Crypto Infrastructure


The Byrn mobile app is designed to be used on-chain, anytime, anywhere. Our AI assistant allows users to easily stake and earn from the best farms on each blockchain. We have partnered and connected with major chains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and much more.


As the first step towards accessing the world of DeFi for our users, the Byrn App covers an entire product suite centered around going from purchasing your first crypto to staking and earning a steady stream of rewards.

Our mission is to create a simple and easy to use trustless system for users to access liquid staking protocols, decentralised option vaults and much more. Through our portal, users can access the entire world of DeFi on their fingertips.

Ultra clean interface

Our app is designed to be easy to use with advanced features that don't require multiple interactions to get started.

AI-powered recommendations

The app uses machine learning algorithms to suggest the best risk-reward and highest yielding products depending on the users assets deployed.


As we begin to develop our product suite, our initial version will have core features which are centered around decentralised staking and yield farming.

  1. Liquid Staking: Users can easily connect their wallet and choose their favourite pool and deploy assets to earn a sweet reward. These pools range from options vault to more exotic products such as decentralised casino pools.

  2. Swap: A simple and cost-effective way for users to swap assets on chain. The upgraded version will be connected to a variety of FIAT on/off-ramping partners such as Moonpay, Xanpool and more.

  3. Bridge: Users can easily transfer assets between blockchains in a completely safe and transparent manner. No more multi-step router protocols with metamask.

  4. Byrn Mechanics: A whole host of new features and products centered around allowing users to byrn* their staked assets for even greater rewards. These include utility generating NFTs, lotteries, access to event and much more.


With the market full of centralised products, our mainstay edge is to ensure users find our products better, faster and most of all - cheaper. Staking is something that has historically been centered around Proof of Stake protocols and more recently moving towards that of Automated Market Maker Liquidity provision. These steps have become essential towards deriving the yield seen on the majority of centralised apps.

With these features in mind, our core offering and mission is to ensure user assets are safe and ultimately decentralised. There should be zero interaction between user assets and the Byrn Foundation wallet. We act as brokers in a market where users are free to choose how and where to place their assets.

Ultra Fast, Secure

Users can quickly add liquidity and choose the best yield products for their selected currency. With a simple click of a button, users can start earning yield quickly and effectively.

Fully Decentralised

Byrn's ultimate goal is to allow users to easily stake and access the blockchain regardless of any regulatory restrictions. We provide a fully decentralised and unrestricted platform for users.

Coming in Q4 2023

Our stance has always been to deliver products quickly and efficiently. While we value quality, a working product is always better than a perfectly designed product. We believe in constant reiteration and getting user feedback.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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